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It is extremely important to me to respect the spiritual paths of all people. One of the ways that I do this in my life is through serving as an interfaith minister. My passion as an interfaith minister is to officiate at wedding ceremonies with my focus being spiritual and non-traditional customized ceremonies.


A wedding is one of the very special moments in life. The wedding ceremony should reflect the values and beliefs that honor the couple and the unique way that they want to present themselves to their friends, family and the world. I work with couples to design that perfect ceremony.


I would be honored to officiate at your wedding. Please contact me so we can begin planning your special day.


Dale Angelee


The following are notes from couples that I have been blessed to work with:


"Thank you so much. We enjoyed getting to know you and wish you the best always. Our wedding was so beautiful and perfect...THANK YOU for helping make it so wonderful. EVERYONE loved and complimented about you and how kind, warm and professional you were."


Peace and Love,
Robyn & Cammy

Robyn and Cammy


“From our first emails, it was clear that Rev. Dale Bowman was passionate about preforming ceremonies for couples and making it our own. Our elopement was a surprise for our only witness and Dale helped us keep it secret by meeting us at the top of Pikes Peak. Our ceremony was simple, short and sweet-just what we wanted! It was nothing short of perfect, and Dale was the key to making it all happen! We absolutely plan to hire her again when we have a larger celebration in the future."


-Amanda and Katie

Amanda and Katie



“Dale Bowman was absolutely wonderful! She is a very kind and professional person. She took her time with our ceremony and made it feel extra special. I would highly recommend Dale's services to anyone!"


- Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey



"Dale was the most organized and helpful person I had met for my entire wedding! She was always available when I needed her and shared her
enthusiasm for the wedding from the beginning! I absolutely adore her for handling my wedding with such happiness!! THANK YOU DALE!!"

Tera & Erikka

Tera & Erikka


William and I wanted a warm and family friendly environment for our wedding. We wanted all of our guests to feel right at home and feel like they were right there with us on our journey of love. And that was no different when choosing an Officiant. We wanted to feel a warmth and connection with the person that would tell one of our biggest stories to date. We were both very surprised and excited when we finally got to meet Rev. Dale Bowman. She is such a warm hearted individual, keeps your thoughts and feelings at the forefront and always made sure the ceremony was "ours"!!! We had a lot involved in our wedding...parts that were traditional, unique and just our own, to the sand ceremony, the children's ceremony, jumping the broom and the Military Arch of Sabers. Rev. Dale Bowman pulled it all together without a hitch and was just as excited as we were. She makes you feel loved and special and pays close attention to the details. We couldn't thank her enough for making our wedding so special. Thank you so much Dale, you are truly a gift!!!
William and Crystal Reilly




We were just so lucky to have Reverend Dale available to perform our wedding. We were able to customize a ceremony that was perfect for us! We could not have asked for a more perfect officiant. Reverend Dale's personality is so calm, her presence so soothing. Her warmth and sincerity is apparent in every spoken word. We truly feel blessed to have had her share in our special day.
Jason and Heather Poellot




Just wanted to take a moment (now that we are back in reality) to thank you sincerely for your services and KIND WORDS during our ceremony. Everything turned out spectacular for us and you had a huge part in that! I have only wonderful words for you as well have only heard very endearing things about you from everyone that has had the opportunity to meet you. I will continue to spread my thoughts about you as I meet people along the way that are in need of one amazing gal to start the journey of life together. Thanks sooooooooo much Dale.
Much Appreciation!
Sarah (and Dan) Siegrist and the "Little's" of course too




Dear Dale,
Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job with our wedding. It was because of you that our ceremony was so wonderful! You helped us put together the perfect ceremony; you were there to guide us every step of the way. The words you used, and the way you spoke them was just perfect. I knew that you were the right person for our wedding because you’re so welcoming and you made us feel very comfortable. You’re a wonderful person and it’s a true blessing that I was referred to you. We would definitely recommend you to anyone getting married. Thank you so much!
Rose and Mike Connaughton




Dear Dale -
Matty and I cannot begin to thank you enough for performing our ceremony! It was perfect in every aspect for us and that is because of you! You respected exactly what we wanted and did not want and were eloquent with your words. I wouldn't have changed a thing. We are grateful for you Dale! I have attached a couple of pictures for you to use in any capacity you would like to promote your services because you are fabulous! Much Love and Gratitude!
Lynda (Lynda Mills and Matt Aud)





From our perspective it [the wedding] could not have gone any better. Your kind and effective communication style was commented upon by several including some of whom were in the know. Several commented that it was a moving and meaningful wedding and, of course, we felt that way. Others said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. We were both so pleased with your style, clarity and patience. I think your formula for the pre-planning is a good one. Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony you performed.
Dr. Steve and Ramona Crane





Dale! WOW!!!! I’ve had so many people comment on our ceremony, that it was the best they had ever seen! Even my dad commented afterward that the ceremony was incredible and really spoke to him about what this all means. THANK YOU!!!!
Charles and Kelly Stanton





Reverend Bowman,
Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support during this very special time in our lives! The ceremony was everything we hoped for and we feel so blessed to have had you to guide it. Your peaceful energy and loving tone really helped set the mood and we are forever grateful for all that you have done for us. You are a genuine, heartfelt woman and we love you! We still get compliments on how unique and special our wedding ceremony was and we always let people know how open and receptive you were to our wishes. We will always remember how beautiful our wedding day was and cannot thank you enough for helping to create that loving energy!

With lots of Love, Matt & Beth Green





Hi Dale,
Thanks so much for everything!  We got so many compliments on the ceremony.  People loved it!  Many people said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!
Blessings, Cheryl and William Kirby





I just wanted to say thank you again for a beautiful ceremony. We could not have asked for a better officiant. We thought you did an excellent job, and we are so happy we chose you. …. The testimonials and photos we saw from other couples gave us an initial sense of who you are as an officiant and what we could expect prior to meeting with you in person. If a photo and/or testimonial from us can help put other couples like us in contact with you, that would be a good thing.
Craig & Felicia M





Rev. Dale,
Thank you dearly for marrying us! You're such a kind soul and we knew it from the moment we met you. It was clear that you truly understood our long history and the importance of expressing our love story in the vows, symbolic gestures and prayer for our ceremony!!! We never knew we could have a "customized" wedding ceremony... however, with your guidance and expertise Joseph and I were able to create OUR wedding ceremony! Again, thank you and God Bless!!
Tammie & Joseph Vesely





Dear Dale,
We cannot thank you enough for such a perfect ceremony; so very special; so very memorable.   It just goes to show that if you are relaxed and take
everything as it comes; nothing gets in the way of true love!  Everyone we spoke with said the wedding you performed, was the "best" they had ever witnessed.  Everything from the Ribbon Ceremony, to the Wine Ceremony, to the Rose Ceremony with our kids, was nothing but perfect!  The words you used, and the way you spoke them, was heartwarming and you made it all so very special for not only us, but for our families as well.   
It was because of you getting to know us and our family, that our ceremony was so wonderfully special!  We knew that you were the right person for our wedding because you're so welcoming and you made us feel very comfortable.  You're a wonderful person and it's a true blessing that we were referred to you.  We would definitely recommend you to anyone getting married.  Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful ceremony!!
Lori & Martin Pedersen





Thank you so much for being a part of our ceremony. You really did a fantastic job and so many people came up to us that night to tell us how beautiful it was. We also really enjoyed being able to create our ceremony and customize it. Thank you again for giving us that opportunity.
Chris and Ashley Reppart

Dale Bowman
Weddings, Wedding VenuesRev. Dale Angelee Bowman, Best Wedding Officiants in Denver - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
Weddings, Wedding VenuesRev. Dale Angelee Bowman, Best Wedding Officiants in Denver - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner

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"Dale was the most kind officiant that I could have imagined...in fact she surpassed my expectations! She calmed my groom the day of the wedding and
kept him sane around his mother! :) She made everyone feel our love and so they could share deeply in our day! BEYOND AMAZING!"

-Lorenzo and Amanda Araujo

Lorenzo and Amanda Araujo



“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for officiating over our ceremony. You are simply amazing and we will be forever grateful for what you have done for not just us but our family as well. I don’t know how I will ever thank you because you made our wedding day more meaningful than I ever thought that it could be."

-Jerelyn and Lakeisha

Jerelyn and Lakeisha



“Such a pleasure to work with Dale. So many people said after our wedding it was the most romantic and nice wedding they had ever been to. She makes the process of putting your ceremony together so easy and fun. I cannot begin to even say how perfect it all was. Best day ever!!! Thank you Dale for everything!!!!!"

-Chris and Heather Roberts

Chris and Heather Roberts



Thank you once again for officiating at our small, outdoor ceremony. It was just what we wanted!
Even though we are from Texas and had to organize everything long distance, you made planning the ceremony so easy. Although I basically knew what I wanted, you helped tremendously with the wording and flow of our vows so that they said exactly what we wanted them to say. Throughout the ceremony, your compassion, sincerity, and humor made the ceremony just perfect.
Thanks again for everything. We couldn't be happier!
Chris Wihera-Borom and Lewis Borom






Our first meeting with Ms. Bowman was the beginning of something we knew was going to be perfect for our wedding. Afterword, Bill and I looked at each other and knew we made the right choice. Actually, it was my fiance's chore to find the minister. But when we met with her, WE truly liked her. She has a very kind spirit about her and we were at ease visiting with her and working out what we wanted in our ceremony. She was very prompt in getting back with us in regards to the final ceremony. She is very comforting (I was a blubbering baby) at the alter. She is a blessing!
Anna & Bill Mitchell





Jay and I are both so thankful that you were able to facilitate the ceremony and truly believe that it couldn't have gone any better. Thanks for all you did to make it special! Thank you for everything!
Lisa Zimprich & Jay Piet





This was a very special time for us and we wanted a wedding officiant that respected us for who we are and would understand what this event meant to us, and you relayed this perfectly. Your warmth, kindness, organization, and experience was exactly what we were looking for during the officiant and vow planning process, that led us to your warm heart and soul. With your kindness, and flexibility (even up to the last 5 minutes before the ceremony) this allowed us to begin our new married life journey together to include the vows you allowed us to choose and change. We had the perfect wedding and it was just as unique as we had hoped it would be, but we could not have done it without you!
Drew and Stacy Albers





Thank you. It was beautiful and meaningful with the warm way you presented the words that we picked. Lots of people said they liked the hand binding ceremony including my grandmother. Thank you so much!
Stacy & Tim Genser





Thank you so much Dale! I’m so happy we found you to do the wedding. If you ever need a reference let me know!! :)
Kimberly and Benjamin Wehde





We don't know how we can ever thank you for all that you did for us. The day was absolutely perfect....more than we ever expected and it was because of you. You have had a pivotal part in such an incredible bonding and our blessings go your way.
God bless you Dale. Take care,
Sean & Brette Hankin





Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. I knew from the start you were perfect for our ceremony. Thank you for being so wonderful and making our day so special! The ceremony was absolutely perfect. We will never forget you! You are so wonderful!
Marcus & Mallorie Benjamin





Thank YOU so much! The wedding was so wonderful and everything I could have ever hoped for. So many people came up to me afterwards and said it was the nicest ceremony they have ever attended and they mentioned what a great job you did officiating. Thank you again!!!!!
Take care, Erin (Albert & Erin Crews)





Paul and I wanted to thank you for being our officiant. From the moment we met you, we knew that you were right for us. Your personality and style matched ours? We felt that we added a trusted friend to the cast of our special day. The comments from one of our guests said it all…. "Your wedding was the most unique and genuine that I’ve ever been to. The ceremony was beautiful." Dale – we are so grateful to have had you marry us, it meant so very much! Thank you Always. All our very best! Much Love…
Paul & Cindy Mehring
Photograph by Heidi Leigh Photography





Thank you so much for an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony. I can't tell you how many people have told me how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how much they liked you! I can definitely say that I enjoyed my wedding, and know that the beautiful ceremony had much to do with that! Thank you!
Kara and Ryan McLaughlin
Hello, wonderful lady!
Was a delight to have met you and was glorious to witness you "at work", for you helped create a most beautiful ceremony - Ryan and Kara are blessed to have such a beginning! You added sooooooooooooooooo much more to Ryan and Kara's wedding other than making it legal and I'm happy, albeit a brief moment, that I got to meet you. The universe smiles on you!
Wishing you wonders, Ellyn McLaughlin (mother of the groom)
You did a fabulous job with the ceremony and I really enjoyed the personal touch, humor, and care you put into it. Best of luck to you with everything,
Rachel Naft (rmnphotography)





Hi Dale!!!!
We'd like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our special day. It couldn't have been any better. We got nothing but compliments about our wedding, you included! You will forever have our recommendation.
Amanda and Michael Allen”





We want to thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. You did such an amazing job and everyone loved it! It was truly an amazing time and you helped make it even better. Thank you for everything you have done for us! It truly was a blessing to have found you and to have you as part of our wedding!
Jessica and Xanthin Luptak